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Date: 2015-02-03
Broken Garage Door Spring Repair
Hercules, CA
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"Brandon Higgins was our technician and he was outstanding. He let me know everything he was doing along the whole job. I just wish the person that we called initially would of told us that the cost for us to replace (2) springs was going to be the $381 dollars that we spent. Initially she said it was a lot less which I guess is for one spring but they always recommend both springs to be replaced at $175.00 per spring. It was quite a shell shock ,and we never anticipated spending almost $400.00 for a spring replacement. Also when we learned of the estimate and did not wanna spend that amount of money we were told that we were obligated still to pay the $49.00 service fee for them to just come and look at the job. This charge was never communicated to me and also what happened to the free estimate that most every company provides to potential clients. My husband is a contractor and he provides that for potential clients and we were both blown away that we were being charged $49.00 for your technician to just come out and give us an estimate. The technician was awesome and the installation was great, but the fees were unacceptable."
- Bridget Collins

Response from Pat -

Bridget,We apologize for any misunderstanding on the charges. I am glad we got to speak on the phone today to make things right for you. I think we both can see how in your particular case, how things got confused. Your refund will hit your account by the end of the week.I am glad Brandon did a great job for you and you are pleased with our work. Thank you again for your business

Service Provided:
Broken Garage Door Spring Repair