James Walker

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James Walker


James Walker's Bio:

I was born and raised in Medford, Oregon, where I created numerous tales, involving my two younger brothers, one sister and later, the addition of several step-siblings! I came to northern California around 2006, working in underground construction and pipeline projects. It was here on a job project that I met, Kelle, now, my wife. After traveling back and forth for several years, I made the move to Novato, Ca and we were married in 2013, we now live in Vallejo. I had a long and rewarding career in construction. I spent nearly 30 years moving earth and equipment before my discovery of garage doors. I also ended that career with a discovery, not known to many but definitely a highlight to close one door and open another. I was working in San Francisco as a superintendent on the trans-Bay terminal project, when I uncovered, what has been carbon-dated to be over 15000 years old, the oldest known human remains ever discovered in northern America. That discovery and the halt in the project caused me to evaluate what career would be satisfying after all that. It wasn't long working in garage doors that I realized it couldn't get much better than spending the day in a garage, a bunch of tools, and meeting lots of great people every day! When I am not fixing your garage doors, I like all the things that come out of the garage! Race cars and go-carts are quick seconds to riding dirt bikes and mountain bikes. I also like to hit the golf ball, straight and far. I have worked for other garage door service companies, but it is the integrity of the owners here at Precision that keeps me here. I am proud to be part of a company that demands the delivery of the services we provide, be the highest quality in an efficient, safe, and professional manner. As a leader for Precision, I have the opportunity to, not only satisfy my customers every day, but also provide guidance and coaching to new technicians who are eager to succeed in a growing and successful industry. I look forward to opening and closing a door for you!